Monday, November 22, 2010


Busy friends chasing children. Studying. Working. Doing all the above at once,(!) need more energy. So some ideas for those of us with less than adequate va-va-voom!

Start the day on lemon water. (See previous post)
Please please eat Breakfast. Please.
Oats are a fabulous choice for breaky. Rolled oats are my pick, the quick cooking variety have undergone partial cooking processes which reduces nutrient levels. Also to decrease cooking time the outer shell is removed/broken which also depletes nutritional value. The low GI impact of oats means you get a slow release of energy, so you feel full for longer. Oats are a perfect start for your perfect day.
Snack. Feed your body, it's important to maintain energy.
Great snacks are nuts and seeds. Whole, raw almonds are delicious.
Fruit such as avocados, bananas, apples are all fantastic energy boosters. Apples actually affect you the same way a caffeine fuelled coffee would!
Vitamin C is found in a lot of fruit, particularly citrus, and is a great source of energy. I would recommend eating fruit rather than drinking juice because you miss out on so many nutrients from the flesh of the fruit. The process to make juice also diminishes nutrient levels and often juices have added sugar which will zap your energy.
Stop for lunch. Now. Right Now.  
Skipping a meal is another no-no. For those monitoring their weight... skipping meals will slow your metabolism as your body tries to preserve energy, then when you eat next your body will store the energy, resulting in weight gain. So eat lovely's.

Lunch ideas - vegetables – all of them are fabulous at providing our body with exactly what it needs. In particular sprouts, asparagus, broccoli and spinach are excellent energy boosters.
Eggs, tuna, chicken are all high sources of protein which will sustain your levels of energy.
Legumes are great energy foods, kidney beans, tuna and salad in a wrap = delicious. Also baked beans on wholemeal bread are a simple and easy lunch choice.
H2O – I know health experts can really get pushy about water consumption, but there is a reason. Water is Mother Nature's miracle nectar.
So sip-sip-sip.
Ideally 1-2 litres a day, more if you are active or in hot weather. With practice you will polish off 3 litres easily. I notice on days that I don’t get enough... Sluggish. Headaches. Pimples. Blah.
What to avoid
Now I apologise to all the sugar fiends out there, but refined sugar, found in chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc will cause fatigue. While you will get an initial boost from consuming these delights your body will experience an insulin spike and once you come down from this high you will feel deflated, tired and crave more sugar, so the journey continues.
I am no saint when it comes to sugar but I am making changes to wean myself from its clutches. (Honey is my saviour, and it has trace levels of it has health benefits) Everything in small doses. 

A good night sleep wouldnt go astray in boosting energy, however this is sometimes impossible. Teething. Yikes. So do what you can in that department.
I hope this helps…

Love J x

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