Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A luscious moment

Child birth was one of the most poignant experiences in my life. Utter joy. Serene, calm and exquisite.

I meditated. Bathed. Connected with my body and breath, working together with my unborn child. The experience changed me, instantly and forever. My loving husband, by my side through every luscious moment was changed, instantly and forever.

We were destined to meet Lynne Davidson during our pregnancy, as our friendship developed we knew that she was meant to be at our birth. Her guidance, support and loving nature gave us the stamina we needed to make it through.

She massaged (us both), provided kind words of encouragement, performed reflexology to bring on my contractions when they slowed, even made scones and offered to clean our home! This woman is SuperWoman!

I feel that Lynne and my family will always have a special bond.

After all she was there when everything changed.

Lynne Davidson - Doula, Birth Mentor & SuperWoman 

Love J x

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience.