Thursday, November 3, 2011


We arrive in Buenos Aires after 25 hours of exhausting travel and catch a taxi into the city. The roads are fast and chaotic, a busy hive of a busy city. The taxi takes us to our hostel in a back street, the narrow pavement is cracked and decaying but the beautiful European inspired buildings tower proudly above, watching over the city.

Bang-Bang-Bang!! Bang-Bang-Bang!!!

The hostel is quiet, we peer in through the cracks in the newspaper lining the windows and alas! The hostel is chained closed, out-of-business.

Bryce and I instantly feel the magnitude of a city singing in Spanish and our deaf ears ache. We take off in search of a home for the night.

Bellies full and sleepy eyes rested we awake the next morning and readjust ourselves for our next adventure. Off of San Telmo, the bohemian suburb of the city, to find a hostel home.

The city amuses us, at every corner we see mirages of cafes and life, chasing the pavement we then realise we have only reached another empty building. Blinking with confusion we set off again.

The city is sprawling and we find it difficult to find ourselves. Occasionally we stumble upon a string of shops and cafes and marvel delighted. Our Spanish is horrendous but the locals accommodate us with snippets of English, a lot of hand movements and kind smiles.

After lunch the heavens swell and darken and split. Mother nature hammers the city. And us. We walk laughing, drenched. Blissfully happy.

Time deceives us here; breakfast at mid day, lunch in the early hours of the evening and late hours spent enjoying the fast ferocious city.

Love J x