Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We have been house bound for days. Avoiding the weeping sky and boisterous wind. Watching birds struggle in flight with slick wet feathers. Wrapped in cosy layers, we hibernate.

It's delicious.


The slow cooker bubbles, the oven roasts, the kettle boils.

My little boy and I eat our dinner in a steaming hot bath, its all snuggle, gobble, love, warm kisses. Blankets are strewn all over the house, remnants of sleepy clothing, woolly socks and fleecy slippers.

Winter leapt with full force this weekend, and we are lucky enough to enjoy its bluster from a cherished warm hearty home.

We watch the trees in the distance dance and run on our deck for wind swept thrills. Our little boy cackles with appreciation.

The young trees in our garden sway dangerously, threatening to snap and the shrubs perform endless Mexican waves.

This is o
ur simple bliss.

Love J x