Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank you... all those who have emailed, texted, phoned and spoken such kind kind words, I wouldn't have had the courage to do this without your support, so thank you.

I cant wait to share more in the New Year and see where else this blog will take us.

Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year.

Love J x

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Lovely Listening Ears

To the lovely listening ears, the little heart spoke. Singing its tale of woe. Its all a little sad. A little raw. Hold it together little heart, just for a moment more. Not long now little heart. The soft words will make sense. You will hear them little heart. You are just a little tense. You will see the truth little heart. Sit comfortable within the embrace. Nod your head little heart. No need for that worst case. A shift in perspective and once more all is well. The little heart is light and those lovely listening ears can tell.

Love J x

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You and I.

We are not separate, you and I.

Einstein discovered that everything is made up of energy. Or vibration.

Everything vibrates at a frequency, and generally you draw things of your own frequency to yourself. Hence why those bad days... they always seem to get worse and the good days, they just keep getting better!

So if everything is made of vibration, even if we are not touching physically, we are not separate. We are a part of a mass wave of vibrating energy that makes up the entire universe. And we are not separate, you and I.

This concept made me smile today when a lone moth took shelter from the rain in my home. On first sighting, its brown self didn't appear particularly intriguing, however a closer inspection revealed an incredibly complex and equally stunning design upon her wings. It was in that moment of appreciation that I remembered we are not separate.

So next time that you see a sunset or a full moon or something that stops you in your boots, know that you are its reflection and you are something beautiful.

Love J x

Friday, December 17, 2010

I wish for...

I wrote this when I was pregnant.

Endless summers and delicate evening rain. Spring time spent in our forest, whisper fairy tales until they become so real we can see them. Watch the sunset upon this day and sip warm tea. Listen to the music of life and lay down each night to feel your heart flutter so close to mine. Contented bliss always with us. I wake in anticipation of our next adventure. You reveal perfection and joy and the key to my mind.
Lets remain like this forever.  

Love J x

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The singing man

Tempting my mind from its thoughts came a song from a stranger. I glanced sideways.

Photography by Nirrimi
A man. Singing. Walking towards me grinning. He began a vocal guitar solo and rather than smile politely and carry on...I opted to dance!

Evoking childish play, void of social barriers, we both rocked out. 

He finished his solo and said with gusty passion; "You are a radiant being filled with love and light." And on that note continued along his way. Walking and singing.

I reflected upon this lively hiatus and the freedom I had just experienced.

Like the freedom found when expressing an original thought, or when breaking the mould with a delicious, rebellious moment, or claiming creativity with an authentic smile.

I saw that man at his full potential. I didn't know what baggage he carried or what story he had to tell, I didnt know his secret vice or bad habit(s). I just enjoyed the person he was in that moment.

Dancing to a strangers song felt like freedom to me.

Love J x

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Under the Oak

An old house nestled under the leaves of an oak. My eyes are drawn along the terracotta pathway to the entrance. I want to touch that door, feel the grains and cracks and open the black rusty lock.

I picture the inside. The walls would whisper to me and the floor would creak and moan.

Photography by Nirrimi

I imagine lounging on the deck. Dinner parties under fairy lights and lanterns. Chasing knee highs along the fence line. We would have a claw foot bath in the garden and when summer stung our skin we would fill it and sit, singing merrily. We would camp under the canopy,  collect her leaves, watch her change season and love her more each time. Our hair would grow long, your beard too and we would dance often.

In winter we would rush from the steaming hot water to the open fire. Standing until our back and bottom glow warm red. We would sleep in that big old bed and dream of secrets from another land. Safe and sleepy, our sanctuary under the Oak.

Love J x

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Children

We lay our hot restless skin down and drift into slumber, this moment I capture, and when I feel big, absorbed and scared, you remind me that I am still small. 

Photography by Nirrimi

For this I am always thankful.

Love J x

Endless Love

I passed a sipping man sitting with an old bicycle outside a little cafe. His long beard and eye brows, coarse and white. His tanned skin creased from the harsh sun.

He smiled a brilliant white smile and winked. Had I not been myself, cursed with curiosity-ruled by shyness, I would have stopped for a chat.

So inspired by that twinkle in his eye, I have written his story for him...

He can't help himself, he falls in love so easily, slipping into the depths of that awful joyful roller coaster, the clash of his head and his heart. He has never stayed in one place for long enough for him to know what could become of this love, he leaves, sadly but with a relief that the love will never end. Left suspended in an eternity of what-ifs and who knows.

His Mama always said he would meet his match, a wild and free woman would capture his heart and he would have to chase her rather than run. He laughed at this. His Mama, his only constant woman.

From a family of 8 children, he grew up in a small terrace in the centre of town, the home sprawled onto the street and into the back alley, everywhere was a dirty bruised knee and a shiny wide smile, everywhere was music and song. His Papa an artist, his Mama worked at a local grocery. Everyday she would bring home fruit and vegetables, eggs and bread left over from the days sales, his Papa would be gone sometimes for weeks at a time, but would always return with pockets full of notes and exciting tales.

His childhood was happy, if not exhausting. He left home young, running from his first love and this led to his life of travelling the world, he suited his chosen lifestyle, happy to fit into whatever situation he found himself in. Happy to leave when he felt the pressure to stay.

He was home for Christmas, the first time in 18 years, his Mama didn't know he was coming and he was sitting here, collecting his thoughts before he went to the small terrace in the centre of town, to the home that sprawled on to the front path and back alley, where he would no doubt find his Mama, Papa, Brothers and Sisters and some number of his Nephews and Nieces. He pondered for another moment and smiled again, that white smile. He stood up, winked and rode his old bike away.

Love J x

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A tea party with Ghosts

I arrive spontaneously into her loving clutch. A legacy of the inward eye. My place.

Sheltered by her embrace and the familiar scent. The warm cushion of velvet moss beneath my feet. A light breeze brushes my cheek and I listen to the soft lull of ancient leaves. Dusk lights my way.

I come here for a tea party with Ghosts.

Body still and mind intense. I collect their memories. They offer threads of my past self. Guide me to a place I will see and a time I will feel. To someone I will Be.  

Clarity ebbs beneath my skin. I honour this moment, this wistful encounter. Thank you for my place.

Love J x

Reap the seeds you sow

"Next year, I shall sow the seeds of longevity."

My inner student alert, sat cross-legged-back-straight and patiently awaited.

"...instant gratification is now redundant, it's about the long term..."

I silently thanked her for imparting this wisdom. Her words blossomed into my own thoughts.

First and foremost my son. A future citizen of this world. Every sliver of my mothering instinct is driven to helping him grow into a kind, generous, moral, useful member of society. My actions as a mother reverberate far beyond this moment. The future is in the hands of the youth. I am currently in this category, but as we fade our children will become the caretakers of this planet.

My nutritional medicine studies. With this I am destined to help others. I need to do this. The bare bones of a book. Local produce. Seasonal eating. Growing food. Combination eating. Superfoods. More. I cant wait to share it!

Community. This is also something that she spoke about. Connecting with others. The community at my own back door. This blog has served as a gateway into a community I previously did not know. This bustle, I now feel a part of, is nurturing my growth. And so I give back.

And creativity. The ability to express myself. This space is for infinite creativity. Nourish a mind, a body. Nurture a thought.

These are the seeds I sow.

Love J x

Friday, December 3, 2010

Crash-Bash... Burn

Christmas parties. Booze-fuelled long lunches. Work functions. Music festivals. Weddings. Crash-bash...burn!

Want to start 2011 with a bang and survive the silly season?

Get your beauty sleep beautiful.

Keep sip-sip-sipping! A big water bottle will do the trick since it only has to be filled a few times, a glass means frequent refill visits - easily forgotten.

Eating delicious food is a part of the fun, but setting some boundaries will mean that you still get the fuel your body needs for all that late night booty shaking. Maybe limit 'treats' to after lunch - this means you get two healthy meals in - or only eat treats at lunch time, or only between certain times, or only every second day; whatever suits your lifestyle.

Have fun, let you hair down, but respect your body at the same time.

Get out and about, exercise will energise you. Perhaps go somewhere you haven't been before - a picnic in a park, a walk on a secluded beach, a day trip up the coast. 

Throw in a few booze free nights for good measure and voila!

Love J x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

With Dusty Feet

Everyone welcome.
Stunning photography, internationally inspired music, refreshments & delicious tasting plates.

See you there.
Love J x