Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reap the seeds you sow

"Next year, I shall sow the seeds of longevity."

My inner student alert, sat cross-legged-back-straight and patiently awaited.

"...instant gratification is now redundant, it's about the long term..."

I silently thanked her for imparting this wisdom. Her words blossomed into my own thoughts.

First and foremost my son. A future citizen of this world. Every sliver of my mothering instinct is driven to helping him grow into a kind, generous, moral, useful member of society. My actions as a mother reverberate far beyond this moment. The future is in the hands of the youth. I am currently in this category, but as we fade our children will become the caretakers of this planet.

My nutritional medicine studies. With this I am destined to help others. I need to do this. The bare bones of a book. Local produce. Seasonal eating. Growing food. Combination eating. Superfoods. More. I cant wait to share it!

Community. This is also something that she spoke about. Connecting with others. The community at my own back door. This blog has served as a gateway into a community I previously did not know. This bustle, I now feel a part of, is nurturing my growth. And so I give back.

And creativity. The ability to express myself. This space is for infinite creativity. Nourish a mind, a body. Nurture a thought.

These are the seeds I sow.

Love J x

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