Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The singing man

Tempting my mind from its thoughts came a song from a stranger. I glanced sideways.

Photography by Nirrimi
A man. Singing. Walking towards me grinning. He began a vocal guitar solo and rather than smile politely and carry on...I opted to dance!

Evoking childish play, void of social barriers, we both rocked out. 

He finished his solo and said with gusty passion; "You are a radiant being filled with love and light." And on that note continued along his way. Walking and singing.

I reflected upon this lively hiatus and the freedom I had just experienced.

Like the freedom found when expressing an original thought, or when breaking the mould with a delicious, rebellious moment, or claiming creativity with an authentic smile.

I saw that man at his full potential. I didn't know what baggage he carried or what story he had to tell, I didnt know his secret vice or bad habit(s). I just enjoyed the person he was in that moment.

Dancing to a strangers song felt like freedom to me.

Love J x


  1. Haha did this really happen?

  2. Hello,

    Yes it did! Lots of fun :)

    Love J x