Friday, December 3, 2010

Crash-Bash... Burn

Christmas parties. Booze-fuelled long lunches. Work functions. Music festivals. Weddings. Crash-bash...burn!

Want to start 2011 with a bang and survive the silly season?

Get your beauty sleep beautiful.

Keep sip-sip-sipping! A big water bottle will do the trick since it only has to be filled a few times, a glass means frequent refill visits - easily forgotten.

Eating delicious food is a part of the fun, but setting some boundaries will mean that you still get the fuel your body needs for all that late night booty shaking. Maybe limit 'treats' to after lunch - this means you get two healthy meals in - or only eat treats at lunch time, or only between certain times, or only every second day; whatever suits your lifestyle.

Have fun, let you hair down, but respect your body at the same time.

Get out and about, exercise will energise you. Perhaps go somewhere you haven't been before - a picnic in a park, a walk on a secluded beach, a day trip up the coast. 

Throw in a few booze free nights for good measure and voila!

Love J x

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