Sunday, March 27, 2011

Global Gypsy

"I travelled twenty thousand kilometers before I realised the best journey was within. I could not have begun my spiritual journey had it not been for my constant desire to explore my potential. That desire was stronger than the fear of the unknown."

The above is the opening to a book written by Gerar Toye who has travelled much of his life, documenting the world through photos and notes. These personal treasures became the basis for his photographic book depicting his spiritual (as well as physical) journey.

The opening pages were so honest and raw and perfect that I wanted to share some of his wisdom...

"The quotes (herein) are not affirmations, just starting points, where they take us depends on how far we want to go. Their meanings change as we grow and repeatedly investigate the tangent, especially when compared with our latest experiences. The quotes have served my questioning mind. They were all tangents I visited which allowed me to express through words, a plane of existence I felt, an ultimate truth realised."

"Realisation does not mean understanding something new, but recognising something known but long forgotten."

There are no answers only questions.

"None of this book, the images or the insights were planned. It grew through wanting to express what I have felt by listening to my higher self. Its purpose is to inspire others to have the courage to look within, to seek who they truly are, rather than stay caught in the illusion of who they appear to be."

"If you have not explored your world yet then I hope you will be inspired to do so. Go seek your potential. Seek out real experience and the humble simple life. Have no desire for wealth or ego, they are only distractions. Find who you are by creating and allowing the experiences you need to receive the next answer along the way. Follow your heart. Live your passion. The universe will always lead you towards the next opening experience if you are awake and looking for the signs."

I love this one, it is so true of our daily journey through life, adapting, being flexible, open to change and willing to see the beautiful opportunity, not the obstacle that we face...

"Travelling with time restrictions does not allow me to feel the subtle miraculous events of life, as I become distracted by the destination instead of being present. I find that when I am not seeking a destination or outcome, I start to feel the lure of the unknown path and the gifts that are there to be found."

"When I allow myself to be guided, miracles come in a never ending stream. So many people refer to miracles as if they were created by some other entity but we create our own when we are grateful for what we have and are in harmony with heart, mind, body and spirit. Life is the miracle, the universe is conspiring to unfold every opportunity for us to grow. It is ego and mind that sabotage the magic. Now I do not question why miracles happen, but rather why they are not happening."

"Travellers do not known where they are going, tourists don't know where they have been."

"We are beings with incredible power. It is no secret! What we imagine, can become reality. When we have a thought, no matter how wonderful, scary or irrational it is, if we hold that thought we create it as a possibility in the universe."

I hope that these quotes will guide your perceptions as you need them and that from one day to another the words will mean something new and exciting as your personal journey unfolds.

As Gerer says the traveller does not need to leave the country to go on a journey, we are all travellers of this life, hopefully not tourists!

Love J x

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to the Equinox.

We have just welcomed the first 2011 Equinox, which is when the earths tilt is neither towards nor away from the sun, we are parallel.

The Equinox also represents a change of season and brings with it the sentiment of renewal and transformation.

Now is the time for cleansing your mind, body and soul. You may be inspired to clean out your home, embark upon a deeper level of consciousness or complete a detox for your body.

I’ll take all three (!) but specifically now is the time to prepare my body for winter.

Our immune system is about to be hammered with winter colds, flus and other virus's floating around, so what can we do to minimise, or avoid completely, the winter blues?

Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids) is great, getting Vitamin C from a food source is the best option, as it is more bioavailable for your body, I am looking into Kakadu Plum and Camu Camu, goji berries are also a great source.

Echinacea is fantastic for immune support, especially for respiratory function. My preference is the tea and the cooler months really suit sipping warm tea, tablet form is available.

Garlic is an amazingly strong anti-bacterial-fungal-viral food, I am adding it to anything and everything that I can!

Fish oil tablets also support the immune system.

Interestingly enough it is important to have healthy gut bacteria for your immune system; nutrient uptake is dependent on a strong presence of good bacteria in your gut, if you are over ridden with bad bacteria - candida - which most people eating the traditional western diet are, one way to help your body get back into balance and function better on every level, is to take a probiotic, you can get this from dairy or soy yoghurt (check the labels as not all yoghurt is probiotic) or take a probiotic capsule (Inner Health Plus).

There are a million and one things that you can do, it depends on your lifestyle and preference, what you will and want to do, as well as your specific health requirements, but the above is a well-rounded approach that you will see results from.

Enjoy the autumn leaves. Crunch!

Love J x

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Room to breathe

We wake from childish deep sleep. Still-shots of wild vivid dreams flicker beneath my eye lids. At once we set off for the ocean. All tousled bed hair and sleepy smiles.

We can smell it before we see it, hear it before we touch it. We long for it.

We wander the shore line and play chase with the waves, we smile at the sparkling ocean and I wish I could capture the sparkles in a jar to gaze upon forever.

Here we lose track of time. Here we have room to breathe.

Love J x

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What my dreams are made of...

With Earth Hour around the corner (26th March) people have been sharing their "beyond the hour" pledges of what they will do to make an even bigger impact on our environment. I found these incredibly inspiring...

"I have gone a year commuting by bike and bus. Am converting my lawn to a veg garden this Spring. Less water and fertilizer, more food. All lights are CFL. But most of all, THIS IS FUN!"

"I will commit to planting three trees each day through the Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees Program @"

"I am on the plastic diet and have given up non recyclable plastic. I am running a series of waste and recycling workshops but what am I doing? I decided to look at my own bin and come up with some strategies to limit waste going to landfill. I started a blog and asked kids to help with advise. I am now aiming for Zero Waste. Check out"

"I drive a BMW 3 series and this year I have decided to take my actions of protecting our planet and protecting our environment one step further by selling my pride and joy. I am serious about my carbon footprint. This is a very big step for me, but one that has to be done."

"I will use reusable bag instead plastic bag, bring my own tumbler & lunchbox, use public transportation"

What a bunch of superheros!

What will you do? Make your own pledge at

What have I done?
  • Started a compost and worm farm
  • Reduced by half my non-recyclable waste
  • Begun to use glass rather than plastic
  • Committed to eating organic
  • Weaned myself from nearly all beauty products that harm the environment... just a few last habits to kick :)
  • Use an environmentally friendly lamp at night rather than normal lighting
  • Boycotted my air-conditioning
  • Pledged to not buy any new clothes for a year (replacement of items I need is ok!)
  • Planted out my veggie patch and planted a heap of herbs and fruit trees, vines and shrubs
  • Reduced to almost zero our packaged food consumption - this has made a huge impact on our budget, belly and the environment!
And for the future. What my dreams are made of...

Fully self sustainable home off the grid, environmentally friendly vehicle (one horse power!) and larger quantity of home grown food!

Dream big, live big, one wave does not shape the beach but a thousand will...

Love J x

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A moment. A lifetime.

It began before that day. That day, in that moment.

But it was within those moments, that seemed innocuous at the time, that something began. Something real and genuine and lasting. Something that would change everything, given the time to do so.

It was a rush and a burst, a bubble and a pop! It was an adventure and excitement. It was the never ending summer of the best times that had been yet.

It was weekends that lasted a moment. And work days that lasted a lifetime. It was traversing mountain sides. It was mid night walks. Early mornings and late nights. It was evading fatigue.

Winter crept in and with it the world expanded. It became icy dips in the ocean. Breath sucked violently from lungs. Life was potent. It was clinging to your warm body, extracting your heat. It was bliss.

Upon reflection, those times seemed like the happiest there had been, until now. 

Until I see your face, so familiar it could be my own. I hear your voice, it is etched into my mind. I feel your touch, so tender on my skin.

These are the best days. And this is always the best moment.

Love J x