Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to the Equinox.

We have just welcomed the first 2011 Equinox, which is when the earths tilt is neither towards nor away from the sun, we are parallel. 


The Equinox also represents a change of season and brings with it the sentiment of renewal and transformation.

Now is the time for cleansing your mind, body and soul. You may be inspired to clean out your home, embark upon a deeper level of consciousness or complete a detox for your body.

I’ll take all three (!) but specifically now is the time to prepare my body for winter.

Our immune system is about to be hammered with winter colds, flus and other virus's floating around, so what can we do to minimise, or avoid completely, the winter blues?

Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids) is great, getting Vitamin C from a food source is the best option, as it is more bioavailable for your body, I am looking into Kakadu Plum and Camu Camu, goji berries are also a great source.

Echinacea is fantastic for immune support, especially for respiratory function. My preference is the tea and the cooler months really suit sipping warm tea, tablet form is available.

Garlic is an amazingly strong anti-bacterial-fungal-viral food, I am adding it to anything and everything that I can!

Fish oil tablets also support the immune system.

Interestingly enough it is important to have healthy gut bacteria for your immune system; nutrient uptake is dependent on a strong presence of good bacteria in your gut, if you are over ridden with bad bacteria - candida - which most people eating the traditional western diet are, one way to help your body get back into balance and function better on every level, is to take a probiotic, you can get this from dairy or soy yoghurt (check the labels as not all yoghurt is probiotic) or take a probiotic capsule (Inner Health Plus).

There are a million and one things that you can do, it depends on your lifestyle and preference, what you will and want to do, as well as your specific health requirements, but the above is a well-rounded approach that you will see results from.

Enjoy the autumn leaves. Crunch!

Love J x

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  1. You always say just the right thing!