Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A moment. A lifetime.

It began before that day. That day, in that moment.

But it was within those moments, that seemed innocuous at the time, that something began. Something real and genuine and lasting. Something that would change everything, given the time to do so.

It was a rush and a burst, a bubble and a pop! It was an adventure and excitement. It was the never ending summer of the best times that had been yet.

It was weekends that lasted a moment. And work days that lasted a lifetime. It was traversing mountain sides. It was mid night walks. Early mornings and late nights. It was evading fatigue.

Winter crept in and with it the world expanded. It became icy dips in the ocean. Breath sucked violently from lungs. Life was potent. It was clinging to your warm body, extracting your heat. It was bliss.

Upon reflection, those times seemed like the happiest there had been, until now. 

Until I see your face, so familiar it could be my own. I hear your voice, it is etched into my mind. I feel your touch, so tender on my skin.

These are the best days. And this is always the best moment.

Love J x


  1. Wow this took my breath away. I can feel myself falling in love in the bubble of crazy, wonder and excitment you describe. Truely LOVE this post.