Sunday, July 10, 2011

It began with two lovers...

Passionate and free. Limitless boundaries. Delicate and marvelous. Love to never cease. And then... New Life. 
A beautiful mystery buried and blooming within the depths of our souls.

Intrincially linked, now and forever. Anticipation. Wonder.  A tiny life created by two lovers.

Becoming a Mama encouraged my 'best version' to step forward. Everything changed. I surrounded myself with all the good that this world has to offer. Lifestyle. Food. People. Thought. Creativity. Love.

An incredible journey of self discovery and appreciation. He teaches me something new every day. He lives presently, in this moment. Right now. Learning to live that way has been enlightening. I still stumble but he is patient and only happy to show me the way once more.

I marvel as two years fly. And the rest. The potential. The possibility. All that is yet to come.

A big and bright life, created by two lovers.

For all the Mama's past, present and future.

Love J x