Sunday, December 19, 2010

You and I.

We are not separate, you and I.

Einstein discovered that everything is made up of energy. Or vibration.

Everything vibrates at a frequency, and generally you draw things of your own frequency to yourself. Hence why those bad days... they always seem to get worse and the good days, they just keep getting better!

So if everything is made of vibration, even if we are not touching physically, we are not separate. We are a part of a mass wave of vibrating energy that makes up the entire universe. And we are not separate, you and I.

This concept made me smile today when a lone moth took shelter from the rain in my home. On first sighting, its brown self didn't appear particularly intriguing, however a closer inspection revealed an incredibly complex and equally stunning design upon her wings. It was in that moment of appreciation that I remembered we are not separate.

So next time that you see a sunset or a full moon or something that stops you in your boots, know that you are its reflection and you are something beautiful.

Love J x

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