Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh what mischief!

For fun, I decided to remove the TV from our house. Just to see what mischief could be born.

Its been a week. Oh my!

Singing. Dancing. Gardening. Drawing. Playing music. Writing.  Laughter. Reminiscing. Talking. Talking. Talking. Smile.

It was never meant to be a huge part of our household, however television had managed to escape us and dominate our precious evening hours.

A friend commented of our experiment; that its probably one of the greatest things a modern family can do. I have to say I agree.

Our evenings are well and truly reclaimed. Permanently.

Love J x


  1. What a good idea! We should ban the computer for a week we dont actually watch a lot of tv.

  2. hmmm - we barely turn ours on but that's usually coz I am working at night.
    Is it coming back or is this a permanent removal??

  3. Not sure what we will do, but it's definately not welcome back into our family space. x

  4. Husband may put it in the shed and live outside with his 'things' ;)