Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today I got knee deep in family photo albums, digging out all the treasures of days gone by.
I was particularly drawn to photos of my Mother. Staring into her smiley shiny eyes and wide joyful mouth, I felt so lucky to have her.

I had a wonderful childhood, my most precious memories from the years we spent on Apple Tree Farm.

I remember bare foot, freckled skin, running wild and free late into the summer nights, playing in the long grass with my brother and climbing the apple trees to scavenge for fruit.


It got me thinking, some people do not have many happy memories and others have none at all. But to respect what we have, whatever that may be and always remember our past makes us who we are today, that's what counts the most.

I love you M & D.  
Hiking at the Lake District
M & D

My Brother x
Love J x


  1. I love this post! x

  2. Ohh my favourite so far. Love the photos!!!

  3. awesome - photos are the treasures to look back on after the memories fade!!! So glad you were able to look back on these. In the digital age, so many of us dont 'print' photos anymore. Looking at them on a computer is just not the same!

  4. What happy memories ,the best job in the world has been raising my 2 beautiful children and sharing their journey through life.x