Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A love story

Her lips were as red as blood, her skin so white it was translucent. Her eyes closed.
Absorbing energy from the noise surrounding her. Dancing. Lost.

A smile guarding that heart. That battle-wounded fortress.

Breath in. Breath out.

She pushed away the days, avoiding their reminder of what she missed. Her eyes began to look hollow, as if nothing else mattered.

The winter was cold but she found comfort in that, tasting the pain. When the howling winds peaked, deafening her, threatening to take it all, he stepped into the room.

She opened one eye, the warmth of his gaze illuminated him and she stretched her fragile neck to drink from that glow. It saturated her. The world became motionless and time entwined itself around them.

They began to move, elaborate but cautious. Courteous of one another. Each not missing a beat. As the movement became a dance, they crawled underneath each others skin. Opening each others mind to read the contents. Sifting through the thoughts and memories that made up their whole.

Breath in. Breath out.

Her skin began to glow and those hollow eyes filled with his love. She didn't know if she would survive a moment without him. Songs about the future became stories of today and memories of yesterday.

She smiled once again. This time he was guarding her heart.

Love J x

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  1. I love this. Such a beautiful poem...