Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Solider Still Stands.

A lone Soldier, a lone battle field, a lone journey. He stands tall, strong and reflective, aligning himself, his spine, his being. He looks to the distance and notes the light. Notes his path.

Eye to eye, nose to nose, his soul bare. A life flickers for a brief moment.  Holding in the breath, time stands still, making the world seem busier. Hearts sink, brows heavy, bleeding sweat. Whispering sweet desperate prayers. Please. Please.

And now the moment. Relief. Thanks. Tears. Smiles.

Our Soldier still stands.

For Grandad.

Love J x


  1. omg that is so beautiful. xxxxx

  2. Jen you are such a beautiful person and writer - I am so glad you have started this blog to share your talents with the world xox