Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Delicious. Healthy. Perfection.

My current obsession...

1-2 Bananas
400ml coconut milk
Tbsp Honey

Whiz together and indulge. Heavenly.
Coconut milk is considered by some nutritional experts as a ‘Super Food’, I certainly support this. Others have likened it to 'Mothers Milk'. Uniquely perfect.
Coconut milk is loaded with many powerful fatty acids. These little guys have a very important role within our body. The balancing properties can assist with regulating blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and stabilising blood sugar levels. It also boosts cellular healing processes, including immune and inflammation responses to illness and injury.
Coconut milk also stimulates the metabolism and therefore can assist with weight loss.

Convinced yet...? Go on, get into it!

Love J x


  1. oohhhhh I want one!!!
    I think I have all the ingredients here :-)

  2. PS just made one for lunch - good stuff!!!
    I added a bit of rice milk aswell as I only had coconut cream :-)