Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tourist in my own backyard


Family from afar have graced our door steps. I have become a tourist in my own backyard. Everything is new once more, and I am charmed by the world that surrounds me.

Usually we flit around the city focusing on our destination, its when we slow down to show off our beautiful country that we remember.

Today my gorgeous cousin and I spent the day chasing the sunshine through the streets, dancing with the breeze and admiring artistic expression all over our city. We ate homemade love at a local fair trade cafe and rushed to the beach to clasp at its warmth.

Dancing free, our hair swept by the breeze into piles of messy curls, we cart wheel and dip cold toes tentitively. We wrote notes and drew pictures in the sand. Messages to the ocean, for her to keep.

Pink cheeks and smelling of sweet fresh air we come home to bake and spend the rest of the afternoon licking bowls, spoons and our fingers in delight.

I think I will be a tourist in my own backyard more often!

Love J x


  1. Beautiful as always! your graciousness always inspires me.

  2. I love the way you view the world, you have a beautiful way to see things.

  3. Me too, are those rose tints on all the time J, I love the way you write and express yourself but do you think like this all the time?

  4. Hi there,

    I always strive to see the best in everything and while nothing is a perfect science, most of the time I can see the positive side of life. I think it takes a lot of hard work to see life in this way but it also allows me to appreciate everything I have been blessed with.

    I see the world as a mystical and magical place, I hope I never lose my imagination and wonder, it is a childs gift that we are born with and I feel we must never lose sight of it.

    Love J x