Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love Letters

 What you focus on grows; your thoughts and beliefs are the seeds from which grow the shape and sway of all your days.

The boundaries between your inner and outer worlds are illusory; it is only your perception (acquired from the mental constructs of your society) which separates them.

Even your unhappiness is worth loving, for it heralds your readiness for change.

 Never let your own instinctive wit and warmth be crushed by the conventional wisdom of how things 'should' be done.

 Every individual has the power to make a difference to life on Earth, not through grand, sweeping actions in the future, but by small, steady shifts in attitude and behaviour wherever you are Right Now!

 Be broad and generous in your embracing of beauty, for there is profound beauty in pain and suffering too. Beauty lives in poignant farewells, in losses and letdowns, in longings and heartache, illness and ageing, even death, for these events can trigger the opening of your heart, the deepening of your understanding, the circulation of care and acceptance between you and others.

 From the tiny breeze generated by the flapping of a butterfly's wings to the almighty surge of a tidal wave - hold equal significance for me. Each one is part of the patterns and inter-relationships between all things on Earth.

Your life may not look 'harmonious' in the static or balanced sense you've come to understand that word, but ultimately even the greatest hardships, the longest delays, can serve your highest good.

 Wisdom is everywhere, inherent in all things, waiting to be discovered, revealed, unearthed.
 Every being is equally capable of becoming a channel for the Divine.

These exquisite quotes are taken from the insightful and inspiring book "Love Letters from Mother Nature - A Meditative Journey" by Shelley Neller.

Love J x

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