Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reform. Transform. Reorganise. Shift.

Perpetually changing. Endlessly evolving. Each and every moment becoming a new person.

Our cells are forever regenerating. In fact I learnt recently that the entire body is renewed every 7 years. A reincarnation within a reincarnation!

If we stop and cling desperately to this moment we will become stagnant. Everything around us is forever reforming, transforming, reorganising and shifting. A tree sheds its leaves, a caterpillar its cocoon. A beautiful flower must lose its petals for future growth.
If we are honest with ourselves and truly present we all know the parts of our soul that require a little spit and shine. I propose that the beginning of the year (and in fact every sun rise) brings a time for some house cleaning within, a time for new beginnings.

Make a decision, allow it to manifest into something tangible and become the best version of yourself. Be that beautiful whole self you aspire to be. A change of season for the soul.

Happy New Year!

Love J x


  1. Between every 25-40 days humans completely shed their skin. Bit by bit, every layer of the skin reaches the surface and sloughs off. So, you can be pretty sure that the skin on your body today is completely different to the skin that was on your bones 46 days ago ;)

  2. OMG you are back, finally, ;) I have been checking your blog so much over Christmas, Great post to start the year!!!!!! x

  3. Great first post for 2011!