Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feel your emotion

Sadly suffering is everywhere.

Everyone telling their story. An excuse for a behaviour. To rationalise thoughts. To escape reality.

We tell sad stories of things that happened to us. From our childhood. About our friends. About our coworkers. About our loved ones. Sad sad stories.

And when repeated the listener also feels sad. Keep telling this story? Perhaps for the whole of life... and never move on.

The problem is that this story has been conjured up by the perception, the only truth that exists is in what actually happened and it is impossible to speak the truth because it is always swayed by your perception, which is built from your childhood, your relationships, your peace of mind, hormones, the weather, everything.

Someone gently suggested that rather than try to come to terms with the sad story, forget the story. Just feel the pain, feel whatever it is that is harming you and causing you unrest. It could be anger, abandonment, resentment, anything. You can deal with the emotion, you can surrender to it, and you can heal from it.

Love J x
All photography by Renee Bell


  1. Ah this is so so so so true!

  2. What has happened in the past has influenced who you are today, how you respond and internalise what happend makes you who you are. I don't think you can forget things, just think about things differently... If that hadn't happened you wouldn't be who you are xx